Lost and Found by Kathleen Foxx - April 2021 Shimmering Short Story SECOND PLACE

“Found it!” Gabe’s blue eyes light up like stars as he happily struts toward me, arms outstretched protectively.

“Where was it?” I ask.

“Over there.” His blonde head tilts toward a giant boulder in the shallow stream, mossy and damp with age. We are surrounded by mighty giants, their deep green canopy a shelter from the overcast sky. The air is teeming with humidity as clouds prepare for release. Gabe presents his clasped hands, a small, green nose protruding between his thumb and index finger. My brows furrow as I study the markings.

“You’re sure that’s the one?”

“I’m sure,” he says. He leans into me and looks up with innocence, whispering, “I asked him if his name was George. He croaked and told me it was.”

Turning away, Gabe’s yellow boots splash toward the shore, grinding pebbles in his wake. His pin-straight hair bounces with each step, and there’s an electricity running through the atmosphere, making some strands stick straight out.

Sometimes I think it’s him who is electrifying, and not the world around him. Children seem to have this secret knowledge that adults are not privy to. He accepts the most logical truth as he sees it, simple as that. My heart bursts with wonder and pride. Although I’m not certain my son recovered the same frog he lost, he is entirely certain, and that’s good enough for me.




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